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Toneroll can be an forthcoming crowdsource online program that looks for to bring musical knowledge in one online program and inspire musicians to create, train, be trained and collaborate on music. Toneroll is an integral platform that is driven by love of music and facilitating the ever-evolving development of music. Toneroll is the ultimate musician's tool that automatically logs all those scattered occasions of creative invention and documents them as ideas. Toneroll is the musician's interactive tool.
The top features of Toneroll include:
Instant sound audio and recognition transcription - By analyzing pitch and rhythm incidents of musical instruments, Toneroll can identify musical patterns in real-time and offer you complete musical information for your composition.
With Toneroll's instant audio tracks identification every musician can gain access to an online audio tracks to midi or mic to midi convertor that producing monophonic and polyphonic music from an audio source and turns it into midi report. This means that you can convert in real-time live performances with any drum into written pieces of music directly from mike, linear insight or an audio tracks file.

Real-time music notation composer - The real-time music notation composer feature analyzes your musical performances and exhibits their notation as you play by analyzing all the music information in real-time. Toneroll extracts all analyzed audio tracks information in midi piano spin, report and tablature format in real-time. You are able to compose music online by recording and arranging your performance. You don't have to try out a musical instrument like a pro or know how to read sheet music; Toneroll automatically create your music like an accomplished musician.

Automobile accompaniment - The automobile accompaniment feature automatically takes on musical parts and for that reason enriches and makes your musical performance more active by adding a number of musical instruments in to the structure in real-time. The feature enables you to play with music accompaniment when it is needed by you. Toneroll can enrich a music performance in real-time predicated on composition's characteristics with a sampler or even with another composition already saved on the Toneroll's cloud.

Remote music collaboration - Through its online system, Toneroll provides to musicians around the globe the capability to collaborate on creating and sharing music in real-time, using the remote control music collaboration. Musicians can certainly hear, collaborate and work together on common notation ideas. New and upcoming musicians can also access ideas and tools to help them learn musical pieces fast and easily.

Toneroll's innovative online program is geared to transform the way musicians can come together to build and collaborate on music. Toneroll items together the scattered occasions of musical inspirations that music artists have and helps these to create and create beautiful, fascinating and even masterpieces of music. The fact that Toneroll is online means as easy access to the platform from anywhere across the world, with a computer or mobile device and an internet connection just. Toneroll can truly become a global musical hub.

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